Daily Diet Plan

Easy Ways To Lose Weight and Feel Great


Everything you do begins in the mind. Here are seven steps to a new you.

1. Relax

Do you feel bad about the way you look? Worrying about your diet or your weight won’t solve anything. Instead, start to think like a slim person.

* Imagine you’ve lost weight and feel and act that way.

As the saying goes, fake it til you make it.

2. Enjoy each mouthful

At mealtimes switch off the TV and pay attention to your food.

* Chew each mouthful carefully and notice how things taste.
* After a few mouthfuls, slow down.

You’ll enjoy your food more and eat less.

3. Smart Swaps

Colas, fry-ups and sweet or salty snacks are fattening and leave you wanting more.

* Instead, look for healthy options and eat them first.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are great for your body and will fill you up.

4. Understand your eating patterns

The next time you eat or drink ask yourself:

Am I eating because I’m hungry or for some other reason?

* Write the answer in your diary or journal.

You change by becoming more aware of the way you are.

5. Learn to appreciate natural food

Low salt and sugar free may taste boring at first but your taste buds will adjust.

* Try vegetables cooked and served in different ways.

You will soon learn to enjoy the subtle flavours of fresh food.

6. Track your progress

Don’t expect what you don’t inspect:

* A weekly weigh-in shows you what works and what to avoid.

7. Share your success

Blogs are a great source of inspiration and support.

* Write or tweet about what works for you.

You’ll stay motivated and enjoy your weight loss adventure.


These action steps add up to a daily diet plan that’s right for you.

It’s a surefire recipe for RESULTS!

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